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Mindful  Empowering Relationships

Mindful Leadership will quite naturally lead to empowering others, there will be no hidden agenda, no contrived “Power Play”. What will be obvious is the ease with which we can empower others when we allow them to fully contribute.

Mindfulness and Leadership combined in everything that you do, leads to a different style of leadership, it is impossible not to notice the mindset change, with the countless new experiences that arise. There is a genuine quest to see the reality of each situation, plus an openness to to find real solutions.

This kind of leadership outperforms outdated forms of trickle down authority, everyone is engaged and fully committed to making a difference.




My name is Joseph Geraghty, co-founder of the School of Mastery for Mindfulness. The lady in the picture above is my wife Helen, my best friend, and business partner.

We are both passionate about helping people, which is something I have been doing for over thirty five years. Our aim is to help fellow travellers find their natural gifts and talents to reach the full potential.

If you would like to experience a free online discussion on how the future may look with MINDFUL LEADERSHIP being the core of everything you do please connect below  

Mindful Leadership



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