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Learn How To Embrace Uncertainty

In the introduction to the extraordinary book, A COURSE IN MIRACLES we are told that two university professors William Thetford and Helen Schucman came out of another mind numbing meeting totally exasperated at their unbelievable inability to reach consensus. This is particularly amazing as they both had doctorates in psychology.

After one such meeting Thetford turned to Schucman and suggested, “There must be a better way?”  Instead of the normal reactive response Schucman agreed there must be. This surrender to cooperation and collaboration was to give birth to the book mentioned above that sold over 2.5 million copies!

The point of this story is that conflict is usually a question of control seen through the eyes of our egos which are normally control freaks. To the degree that you can learn to embrace uncertainty and not be driven by fear you can open your heart to its wonderful potential.

And strangely enough it is not as difficult as you first might think. Like our two protagonist, when we become open again and learn the art of mindful collaboration. You discover there is literally an army of eager helpers who want to share their skills to help you have breakthrough results.

The Reactive Doom Loop versus the Present Moment

Jim Collins in his ground-breaking book “From Good To Great” talks about leaders who are locked in a reactive doom loop. They are so ingrained in their hypnotic habits, they make the same mistakes over and over again. Research has shown that 95% of people are highly reactive; they go through their day on auto pilot!

Whereas the leaders of good to great are very conscious of what happening, they understand tiny improvements day by day which accumulatively suddenly cause a quantum shift in performance. Outstripping their competitors by a factor of 15! This is not marginal but neither is it magic.

Whether it is an individual of a group of people, to be successful you need to stay in the growth stage. Or die a little each day with meaningless mind numbing slavery to your hidden habits.

The Paradigm Shift: From Vacillating Weakness-to Mastery

Emotional Intelligence is no longer a nice idea but an essential skill that needs to be honed in practice. Learning to increase your self-awareness of your emotions is highly rewarding. You suddenly become aware that the qualities of your relationships are now highly transformative.

Now you are fully awake in the present moment making appropriate conscious choices. Collins talks of these leaders no longer driven by external circumstances but a deep inner drive of immense vitality. Their creative drive is infectious and soon the cultures of the organisations they influence are shining examples of outstanding collaboration.

One such example was wonderfully portrayed in the book, “ Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance”, by Louis Gerstner.

Developing Laser Vision That “Pulls” You Toward Your Goal

This is where it gets really exciting! Now you will have had a glimpse of life through the lens of the transcendent Self. No longer the victim of conflicting push and pull drives. The primary goal of a powerful heart felt vision will give you the “pull” power that will eventually become your natural flow.

Mindset Mastery beyond Limits & Breakthrough Results

Mindfulness is now in the lexicon of the business world. Jon Kabat-Zinn who produced stress reduction courses with amazing results. The spin off from this amazing man has been tremendous.

Whilst he was primarily helping people reduce pain and stress that conventional medicine could not help. His outstanding results caused a stir in the medical field and spilled over into the business world.

Essentially we now know we can teach people the basic skills of how to hit the reset button of their mind. You can change your limiting self-image. This is the catalyst to deep lasting change.

One caveat needs explaining: deep change is absolutely possible and can produce radical results. But whilst there is some theory involved in our FAST MODEL COACHING the heavy emphasis is on practical application. Unless you have a new experience there will be no change, no breakthrough!

If you are ready to jump and get comfortable with entering a new domain, learning its language then the first step is to accept our FREE FAST MODEL COACHING SESSION. Simply fill in your contact details on the web form at top of this page. You will be asked by email to confirm your address to avoid unwelcome spam. Once you have done that we will schedule a free coaching session for you.

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Joseph Geraghty

Mindset Master

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