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Secrets of Mindset Mastery Revealed

This is the “Meta Skill” of all Successful Entrepreneurs

Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs et al all developed a transformational mindset. They moved from the reactive mindset of the masses to more subtle appropriate responses. Where most people see a problem successful entrepreneurs see only potential.

The great news is that this Meta Skill can be learned and is not as difficult as you might think. With the correct attitude to being open to learning, not just new ideas but actually about “how” you think.  You can move from the reactive knee jerk responses made by the vast majority of those in business to a higher, more competent level of awareness.

You clearly wont become a master in four hours or twenty as some suggest in the field of skill acquisition but you can make steady solid progress by mastering the basics. In around eight weeks you can learn the art of making mindful decisions. And from these modest beginnings and with practice you will move to a different, more effective level of thinking.

You become your own scientist as to what is working and what is not. You move from the fog of uncertainty, gaining greater clarity about the next vital steps. Once you have experienced even the smallest of breakthroughs you will have enough emotional stickiness to stay with it until having breakthroughs in your business becomes a well formed sequential habit. It is a bit of a cliché, but true success really does become a habit.

Donald Trump lost millions, but he mastered emotional resilience and consequently he was able to make his fortune all over again, this time even bigger!

What are typical business problems? Essentially a mindset of lack! Not enough money, not enough time and not enough new business clients!

Let us see if you can relate to this scenario. Young successful general sales manager helped take the company from £1 million turnover to £3 million has a falling out with the company and decides to strike out on his own. A friend generously gives him £2,000 as a gift to help him on his way.

Initially the business took off and for the first six months he was in dreamland, sales and profits rocketed. Then new legislation changed the rules of the game and instead of adapting to the new circumstances he endured the very painful experience of liquidation.

Whilst his skill set on direct sales was very high. He had not all mastered the money game. He was to succumb to the mindset of not enough money. He allowed it to cripple his creativity and was unable to see a way out.

He was to fail twice more and each time learned the hard way. He learnt that we all have twenty four hours in a day. It is how we invest those hours, and not  get distracted answering emails or doing trivial tasks. Mindfulness was not even on his radar screen!

The last lesson he learned was to get help. And learn how to transform from a plastic people pleaser to an authentic business coach. Fully understanding that the game of life is not about “getting” but “giving”. This was in the main my twenty year apprenticeship in striving,  definitely not thriving and not living with joyful passion. I was that young man. It would be true to say I learned a great deal during this period of trials and tribulations.

The Solution Experience: The Radical Paradigm Shift

The tipping point is usually a crisis. Steven Covey, author of Seven Habits Of Successful People  was reported to ask potential new business clients who had requested his support, “Are you in pain?” If they said no, he suggested they were not yet ready for the kind of  radical change which he advocated.

He argued that a crisis put us in a place where we drop the “know-it-all” attitude of the ego to a more natural open minded stance. A crisis can mean we have simply reached the edge of our competency in one area, and when we are curious and open we have the potential the break new ground.

Relationship Mastery & Emotional Intelligence

To be successful and enjoy the ride you have to take 100% ownership of you emotions. Each emotional “hot spot” has enormous potential & power for your breakthrough to success.

      Emotional Intelligence is not luxury that can be dispensed with in tough

     times it is a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is key to professional success.

Harvard Business Review 2003

Beyond Ego and Limits!

In Robert Fritz’s groundbreaking book, The Path of Least Resistance he lays out clearly why so many people fail at goal setting. We have at a subconscious level conflicting goals. Losing weight and hunger being the easiest to recognise the dynamic of the “push” and “pull”.

He argues that we must first find the transcendent Self. This should be the fundamental goal.  My own view is that this is the most exciting aspect of deep change, from being weak and being bounced around by external circumstances, to the slow but gradual realisation that your are in fact all powerful.

This is not in the sense of lording it over over people, but rather the certain knowledge that you are not a victim in any sense and can respond appropriately in any given situation.

Money Mastery

Without question this can be one of the biggest hurdles facing entrepreneurs. You are by nature a risk taker, you have a strong inner drive to be autonomous. Yet great conflict arises because you think you are being asked to sell you soul! Gaining victory over this misconception is one of the huge milestones for entrepreneurs.    

Forming Success Habits

Neuroscience has shown us that we can virtually re-wire the brain by forming new habits. Bruce Lipton, in his book: The Biology Of Belief demonstrated that with regular mental exercise you most certainly can retrain the mind and gain access to its incredible infinite potential. Our contention is that we can make success a habit. We just need to develop the will to master the way we think.  

Mindset Maven

The word Maven first appeared on my radar screen some years back, reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point. There are some who seem to have almost a pathological need to share information. That’s a good fit for me, whenever I personally have a breakthrough, I have a passion to share it. The idea being that they have a breakthroughs too.

So I now see myself as a Mindset Maven, helping entrepreneurs have breakthrough solutions. This is the raison de être for the School of Mastery for Entrepreneurs. When I founded it in 2004 after some extraordinary experiences in Germany where I worked for twenty years.

Mastering Transformation

All great entrepreneurs took a crisis and transformed it into a success story. One such amazing book “Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance: Leading a Great Enterprise Through Dramatic Change” chronicles how Lou Gersteners brought IBM from the brink of insolvency and pulled off one of the greatest business turnarounds in history.

Now, you may not be running an IBM or even close to it. However, my own view is that the principles of turnarounds are exactly he same for small SME’s as well as a big players like IBM. When you are faced with a crisis you are forced to take action. Understanding the dynamics of crisis will be the critical difference in your strategy and the speed of your turnaround.

Critical Payoffs:

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We will sit down with you and tease out your next crucial steps absolutely free. You will be then in the perfect position to decide if your would like us to partner your on the next phase of your business development and growth.

Developing a relationship is not hypothetical, especially in business where our conditioned scepticism kicks in. Therefore our free strategy session is designed to allow you to get the “feel” if our style is right for you.

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I look forward to connecting with you on the other side.

Joseph Geraghty

Mindset Master

Founder, School of Mastery

For Entrepreneurs  

When I first worked with Joseph, I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge and his unique way of sharing new business concepts. It was a transformational experience that has greatly benefited our organisation. We now have a strategic plan and are in a strong growth phase. The School Of Mastery has become a trusted advisor.  

Mauro Sabatini, Managing Director, Effeuno, Italy.

I met Joseph when I was in a state of flux, both personally and in my business. In the space of nine months almost everything has changed in my relationships and my outlook of life.

The results are evident in my business with growth in sales of 12% compared with 2013, in the past 2 months sales are up 20% on last year!

We are set for further growth and have set our sights on doubling doubling our turnover by year end 2016, using the life tools taught by Joseph, this is very achievable.

Paul Saxon Managing Director Colm Steel Tools